Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Varying Impacts - Jimmer Fredette

A while ago, we did a post on the varying impacts an efficient basketball player can have. In order to explore this subject further, we have conducted a series of interviews. We have discussed three different types of players with team specific bloggers. This final post features an interview with Mountain West Connection (twitter: @JeremySBN) on Jimmer Fredette.

Hoop Vision: Jimmer Fredette was 63rd overall in offensive rating, but 1st overall for players with at least 28% of possessions used. Excellent shooting percentages, assist to turnover ratio, and ability to get to the line were the driving factors. Where (on the floor) and when (transition, end of shot clock, etc.) did Fredette's shots occur in 2009-2010?

Mountain West Connection: Jimmer is actually a good enough player to be able to beat defenders of the dribble with his quickness, but if defenders back off and give space so they are not beat Fredette is good enough to drain a deep shot. He is very difficult to handle one on one and in a man defense. A zone can work better since it is more difficult to penetrate a zone off the dribble. Basically he was good enough to score from all over court and was the guy to take a shot as the shot clock was expiring which is why he had 10 games of 25 points or more which included a season high of 49 over Arizona in Tucson.

Hoop Vision: As the point guard for BYU, Fredette was not able to hide on the court. How much of Fredette's solid TORate (15.0%) was due to his ability to rely on his teammates and how much was due to his decision making ability?

Mountain West Connection: He had to rely on his teammates to an extent because there were times when opposing defenses would throw everything his way, but Fredette was able to get out of it by just controlling the ball or finding the open teammate. Plus, the team was so good they knew where to be to help out any player. Fredette's decision making of taking on a defender to get to the foul line was key in keeping the number low.

Hoop Vision: Fredette's 3% has gone up from 34% to 38% to 44%. What can we expect from him shooting the ball in 2010-11?

Mountain West Connection: It is hard to get to much better then 44% from three point range, but who knows. Fredette is on the USA Select team where is playing with current NCAA stars while going up against NBA players who are on the National team. Fredette, as hard as it seems to be, may have to take on more of an offensive presence in the offense due to the loss of a few key players. Fredette's goal is to get to the NBA but being a 6 foot two point guard in the NBA will require him to keep up that deadly shot, because it will be very difficult for him to beat guys who are five inches taller and outweigh him by 25 pounds. In general he will do what it takes to score whether it shooting deep threes or taking players off the dribble to get to the free throw line.

Hoop Vision: BYU has proven to be a quality team throughout Fredette's career. However, would Fredette be having the same success in a top conference and with equally great teammates?

Mountain West Connection: Excellent question and I do not think any player who is the stud on their team would be as good if they played with an equally good player. I think Fredette will be one of those guys that you hear about that were great college players, but never really made it in the pros. I think with much stiffer competition like the ACC or Big East Fredette would struggle to beat guys off the dribble on a consistent basis, however he is such a good shooter that he would perhaps be a number two option on any team in the Big East or ACC with the occasion to take over game. I could be selling Fredette short since he did put up big numbers against NCAA teams such as 49 over Arizona, 37 over Florida in the first round of the NCAA tourney, and consistently scoring 20 plus points against UNLV, San Diego State, and New Mexico.

Hoop Vision: What can we expect from BYU as a whole in 2010-11?

Moutain West Connection: I expect BYU to contend for the conference title again, but the Mountain West is a really good league and the title will come down between BYU, San Diego State, and UNLV. There is a possibility of New Mexico being in the mix but they lost Darrington Hobson, and are more of a darkhorse then a title contender. The Cougars should make the NCAA tournament and anything less is unacceptable, but they do lose Jonathan Tavernari, Michael Loyd, and I believe Tyler Haws is leaving on a church mission for two years so the talent will be gone from last year. A top three finish in the regular season and an NCAA berth is a reasonable goal.

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