Jordan Sperber
Jordan began Hoop Vision as an 11th grader in high school outside of Albany, NY. His senior year, he (unofficially) became the first kid in history to attempt to run a basketball blog on tempo free statistics and win a Suburban Council South championship. The latter was achieved during an all-star year, but Hoop Vision was temporarily shut down during his season. Now in his second year at Villanova, Jordan continues to focus on geeky basketball stats and yell at friends who think UConn was really the best team in 2011. He still loves to play and is insistent that the reason he didn't break 20 points and shot about 2% for the first time all season in the Nova Intramural Championship Game was simply due to random variation. Jordan is in Villanova School of Business and plans to major in management information systems with a minor in business analytics.

Jonathan Safir
Jonathan was the second member of the Hoop Vision team. He played basketball with 
Jordan on a gold medal winning team in the Maccabi Games at San Antonio. Jonathan is a student at Vassar College and plays on the Men's Basketball Team. Jonathan aspires to one day be a Division One head coach. His favorite team is the Syracuse Orange and he hails from Buffalo, NY.

Kevin Cooksey
Kevin lives and works in Austin, Texas. After graduating from the University of Texas in 2009, Kevin decided to stay in Austin after growing up in Dallas. His day job entails planning/managing large-scale advertising campaigns for a global ad agency network. With a family tree filled with about 50% engineers and 50% creative/artsy folks, data visualization has always been appealing to Kevin. His passion for college basketball began shortly after the 2007 Final Four, after correctly picking each of the Final Four teams. He's a college hoops fan stuck in the football-obsessed South! 

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